Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Spookiest Stories

by Paul Jennings

Once you start reading the first two pages you will never put this down. The book is full of the scariest stories Paul Jennings has ever written.  This book has short stories that you will never stop reading including Skeleton on the Dunny, Without a Shirt, Grandad’s Gifts and Lighthouse Blues; these are just some of the stories in this book. Most of the stories are adventurous, crime and more.

The thing that is great about this book is that it also features mysteries. If any story has a mystery then that book is great book for people to read. For example: the second story: Skeleton on the Dunny, is a hysterical adventure story. In this story there is a boy named Bob. When he was fourteen his parents died so he had to live with Aunt Flo. In her house it was like a library, it was so quiet.

The one thing that Bob did not like was the toilet. It had spiders and cobwebs everywhere. Not just that but also a skeleton. One-day Bob had to go to the toilet. He saw a ghost and was very scared. He shattered his tooth and the tooth fell down the toilet. Then he got a plate for his tooth, but that fell down as well. So he went looking for the plate and found it.

It turns out that the ghost was old Ned. Old Ned was a man who looked after the painting while Aunt Flo was gone. But old Ned stole this really precious painting and died in the dunny. On a windy day the painting was found on top of the dunny.

As I said a million times this book will be the greatest spooky book you will read!

Reviewed by Kirishoth K. of 7C12

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