Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Making it real

by David Beckham

Have you ever dreamed about scoring from the halfway line, bending a free kick past a wall of defenders, assisting in the perfect goal or leading your team to one of the biggest soccer tournament in the world?
David Beckham has fulfilled his ambition to give something back to the soccer world and to all his fans across the world. to The David Beckham Academy inspiring young and old soccer players now have the opportunity to see their dreams and ambitions.
This incredible book features David Beckham teaching his knowledge of the game and his skills developed from playing for the best clubs in the world such as the England captain, and his life in Madrid all captured as never before seen.
Rating: 9.5/10Reviewed by: Brendon S of year 9

The Haunted Cave

by Christopher Pike

Christopher Pike’s hit series ‘Spooksville’ started in 1995. All together Pike has written 24 books for the series. The Haunted Cave is about when the new kid Adam comes along and has no idea of what trouble he’s about to get himself into.

Springville is a name only used by the parents of all the children. The children adopted the name ‘Spooksville’ as they have all been face to face with evil itself. This adventure is when Adam, Cindy and a few others of the crew wander into a cave. As they soon discover that there’s evil inside and they name it ‘The Haunted Cave.’ Bats, trolls and witches may sound fun…But they’re not, especially in this story.

I first read this series in 2005, which soon became my favourite book series. Christopher Pike also quickly became my favourite author, and he still is to this day. I think that this book and this series could quickly become anyone’s favourite. Christopher has written books for all ages.

Rating :

8E9 by John W.

Teen Power Inc - Bad Apples

by Emily Rodda.
Teen Power Inc., now known as The Raven Hill Mysteries.
together with Tom, Liz, Richelle, Nick, Elmo and Sunny Teen Power Inc has to save the world from a bad apple that tries to become the super villain of a small little town. This book will keep you in suspense for many hours; it is great for people between the ages of 9 to 16.

A great story I rate this story 10/10

By Alexander D. of Year 8

Boy Overboard

by Morris Gleitzman

Boy Overboard is about a boy and his sisters, Jamal and Bibi who come from the war torn country of Afghanistan. His mother runs an illegal secret school for children and his father drives a taxi and sells baked bread in the back of his car. Bibi is a confident 8 year old who doesn’t care about anything but she loves soccer. Jamal is a soccer addict who wishes he can play for the Afghanistan National Team one day. He has a friend Yusuf who has one leg but can still play soccer.

The story starts off with the government finding out about the mother’s secret school and ends up blowing up the house. So Jamal’s parents leave but their mother is caught and taken to be tortured.Their father goes to rescue her in the city. He goes through the soccer stadium and gets her. They end up going to a refugee camp and catching a boat to Australia. In the process the parents and the children are split and go on separate boats. On the way to Australia Jamal and Bibi meet some new friends. After a few days on the boat it is abandoned and high jacked by pirates. The Australian navy saves Jamal and Bibi and takes them to an island off the coast of Australia. They wonder if their parents are all right since the navy told them no one made it on that boat, but they were wrong. They were re-united on the island waiting to enter Australia. They were so happy that they had freedom to do anything now, even girls can go outside to play soccer.

It’s a wonderful book I rate it 10/10. Read It!!!

By Mark C. of Year 8.

Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows

Author : JKRowling

This book is the final instalment of the Harry Potter series. It is awesome to read, and if you are a Harry Potter fan, this book will be hard to put down. I also enjoy the style J.K.Rowling writes the Harry Potter series. This book is full of adventures and mini-tasks that Harry, Ron and Hermione go through. The fun part in reading is, that the novel is so gripping, that every chapter reveals a new secret. I personally would rate it 10 out of 10. This novel contains 36 action filled chapters with a nail biting finish. Every safe corner you think you turn, dangers always lurk within. The criminal mastermind behind it all, (voldemort) is more evil than ever , gathering more and more followers. This novel’s journey has many up’s and down’s for Harry. This book is a must for anyone who likes adventure.

By: Sean P. of Year 7.

Gunna Burn

By Wendy Jenkins

Gunna Burn is the latest edition to Wendy’s Aussie Rules series. Greg Lukin the main character is a young teenager with hopes and dreams of making the AFL one day. In the off-season he trains recklessly thinking weights will get him his dream. Every week that goes by he is getting bigger and fitter.

Just before the season starts he has a season threatening injury. But he toughs through it and his motto is no pain means no gain. He hides his injury from everyone but his girlfriend. She is moving states so they have to break up and this effects Greg immensely.

In the week before the grand final he is involved in a massive brawl and is lucky not to be in hospital. In the final he cannot play with a clear mind because he is constantly thinking about his ex girlfriend. He nearly costs his team the game but comes home hard in the final stages of the match and wins the game. In four years’ time he has matured into a young adult. Does he make the AFL draft? You will have to read this thrilling book to find out. I rate this book an 8 out of 10 and if you don’t like reading much because you think books are boring I highly recommend you read this because it is a simple book with hopes and dreams that come true.
Reviewed by George K. of Year 9.

Monday, November 24, 2008

Sadako & the Thousand Paper Cranes

by Eleanor Coerr

This story is about a young Chinese girl named Sadako. She was a very athletic person and wanted to become a running star but she soon became ill with dizzy spells and then fainted. She was taken to hospital and found to have Leukaemia. She was told by her best friend that if you fold 1000 paper cranes you would be allowed to gain one wish or so she thought….

David P. of Year 7.

Tomodachi the Edge of the World

by Simon Higgins
Tomodachi is Japanese for ‘friend’, which is a story based on friendship and war. There are two main protagonists, Daniel Marlowe and Kenji. The antagonists are numerous though the main ones are brigands and warlords along with their feuding armies.

Daniel, a white boy, is shipwrecked in Japan, in the year 1543. He meets Kenji; a young samurai and both embark on a journey together that leads them to freedom. However Japan is torn by civil war, where only the powerful and wise can survive.

Armies fight against each other to gain control of the empire and brigands loot innocent civilians. In between this crisis stand Daniel and Kenji, who work together to encounter more then just, armies and other samurais. So begins their unlikely friendship, a dangerous journey, and a series of gripping adventures across a beautiful land haunted by the shadow of war.

This book is a very fascinating, readable novel and I am sure those in the 10+ age group would enjoy it. The story also has various Japanese terms that are explained in the glossary, which makes reading even more educational and entertaining.
reviewed by Aman D. of year 9.

Hurricane Gold

by Charlie Higson
Hurricane Gold is the latest in Charlie Higson’s Young Bond series. In the middle of nowhere, on the Caribbean island of Lagrimas Negras, is a place where many criminals with blood on their hands flee to hide and keep a low profile. In the meanwhile, James Bond is with his aunt recovering from the injuries that he had received on his latest adventure. During the rest, a tropical storm hit and the family he is staying with are kidnapped and then he has no choice but to give chase and save them.
Charlie Higson has created an excellent series based on the life of a young James Bond. Basing his ideas on the James Bond we all know now, Charlie Higson writes many stories that retell the experiences that James Bond went through as a child.
I enjoy at the start how the story starts off with what is happening on the island and then goes on to what is happening with James Bond. The words used within this story are very descriptive therefore you can really imagine what is happening. There are many twists and turns where you don’t even know what’s even going to happen.
I give this book 4/5 because it is extremely interesting to read. It just makes you want to NOT drop the book and keep reading till the end.

reviewed by Emmanuel F. of Year 9.

Chinese Cinderella

by Adeline Yen Mah

A story of ones struggle, a story of constant pain and discrimination, a story of hardship. This story is the true story of Adeline. During Adelines birth her mother had died, as a result her siblings constantly blame her and make her life difficult. Even when her father remarries she still is tossed aside, unwanted and unloved. Her life gets harder when her new mother has two children; Adeline is forgotten and given less. While the new children are given all that they could want. This story of Adeline's courage to push on will inspire readers.

Reviewed by Allen D. of Year 9.

The Da vinci Code

by Dan Brown

The Da vinci Code is an excellent read for anyone fifteen and over. This is the sequel to his former book, “Angles and Demons” but the books do not have to be read in chronological order. The book is about a Harvard professor who is wrongly accused of a murder after his name appears on the floor next to the dead body. The book will keep you reading as each chapter ends with a cliff hanger. The book will keep you hooked from the prologue about a man being brutally murdered, to the epilogue about the mission finally being over. This book is a great read for anyone fifteen and above because there are a few complex words but can be understood in their context.

By Navreet V. of Year 9.

Wednesday, November 19, 2008


By John Grishham

Neely Crenshaw was an All American quarterback at Messina High School. He was a legend to his home town. Fifteen years have passed, and in a college football game Neely suffered a career ending injury, while also having a major argument with the coach. After 15 years he comes back to his old home town and his coach is close to death as well so will Neely forgive him or not? If you read the book you will find out.

Audience: teens
Genre: sport/moral
Rating: 7/10

Hersh P. – ENG A


by Charlie Higson

This book is the first book in the ‘Young Bond’ series. Before the James Bond series, the Young Bond series introduces the reader to James Bond when he was only a teenager going to the school of Eton in England. He has a feel for mischief; James Bond is always getting himself in danger, and in such cases almost getting himself killed. It introduces the reader to his friends which help him in life threatening schemes and also later on appear in the next books of the series: ‘Blood Fever’, ‘Double or Die’, ‘Hurricane Gold’ and ‘By Royal Command’. This tells the story of how James Bond and his friends risk their lives to solve the mysteries they find.

James Bond has no parents as they were tragically killed in a climbing incident so he’s alone, only with his Aunt to give him company in the holidays. This book shows the reader that whenever you put your mind to something you can do it no matter how hopeless it seems, and you should never give up no matter how bad the case seems. This is an excellent book and I would recommend to all boys throughout the ages of 13-16, it would please all readers who have a feel for excitement and danger and would certainly make them feel good about reading it.

By Richard T. of yr 9

Monday, November 17, 2008

The Twits

By Roald Dahl

I think Roald Dahl is a very good author, especially his fantasy books. He has written a lot of famous books such as the BFG, The witches, Charlie and the Chocolate Factory and a lot more.

The story is about two people Mr and Mrs Twit. These two people are the ugliest in town. Mr Twit has a very long, dirty beard with food crumbs in it and Mrs Twit has very ugly hair and warts all over her face. These two people always play jokes on each other. One of Mr Twit’s jokes was two tie Mrs Twit to a lot of balloons so she would fly up in the air.

By Ben D.7C1

Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Area 7

by Matthew Reilly
A secret base known as “Area 7” has a visit from the president. Only danger is waiting for him in the company he thought he was safest. His only hope is scarecrow, the call sign of a marine in tow. The best of the best is set against the good guys. His experience tells him something odd is afoot, and so, when the trouble flares he has to ensure the safety of his friends, the president and himself. The twists in this book are even more intense than Ice Station, and that’s a tall order. Whatever you usually read, this is worth checking out. The characters are deeper than in Ice Station, and you do feel you humanize them a little more as you get to know them. The bad guys are plentiful and perhaps a little too playful for their own sake. New enemies appear behind the scenes and tamper with everyone’s intentions, causing mayhem and a read that you will be thinking about when you’re not page turning. I don’t want to give away much about the characters as I’m sure when you read it your imagination will want to go its own direction, but I recommend this book to readers of all ages as it is simply a must read if you like high octane.
By Kaushik N. of Year 9.

Monday, November 10, 2008

The Art of the Engine Driver

By Steven Carroll
This easy read combines the experience of living in an Australian country town with the love of steam and diesel trains. These parallel plots build towards a not unexpected climax but my interest was sustained over a wet weekend of relaxed reading.


reviewed by Mr Kim C.

Monday, November 03, 2008

The Witches

By Roald Dahl

The book ‘The Witches’ I read in my English class.

It was written by Roald Dahl who I must say is one of the best fantasy book authors. He has written other books such as Charlie and the Chocolate Factory, The lion, The Witch and The Wardrobe and Fantastic Mr Fox.

The book is about witches wanting to turn all children into mice. They give kids some chocolate with a special potion in it but two boys plan to turn the witches in to mice.

Reviewed by Brendan H. Year 7C1

Guinness World Records Book 2009

The book was released during late 2008.

The book has 3-D picture vision.
The has some of the most disgusting and cool things that some people have done and seen. The editors have collected information about things like how small people are, how big they are and also how tall they get. It is amazing what people have achieved in a year and I hope they keep it up. I also hope that they continue to publish this book each year.

reviewed by Sid P. of Year 7.


This is a book written by Dr.Seuss.

It is one of my favourites. This book is really tricky, very funny and its one of the best tongue twisters that you will probably ever hear. It is about a cat in a hat trying to get a guy named Sam to eat green eggs and ham. Sam refuses but the cat keeps trying to make him eat it. The cat and Sam go on a tongue twisting journey to make Sam eat green eggs and ham. This is a very good book to read and I recommend that you read it to find out what happens in the end.

Reviewed by Sameh.Q. of Year 7.

The witches

The witches is a magnificent book which was authored by one of the all time greats, Roald Dahl.

The characters barely had names but are as follows boy, grandmother, Bruno Jenkins , the grand high witch and the hotel manager .

The witches is an extraordinary read for a recommended age group between Year 6 to year 9. I would dare say everyone would enjoy this as much as I did.

My personal rating out of 10 would be a near perfect but will have to give a 9.5.

By Ricardo C. of Year 7.

Break of day

by Tony Palmer

I read this novel in my English class.

In this book it shows a character (Murray Barret) in his young childhood life. I was astonished by the bravery of Murray Barret while at war.

This book is full of excitement, courage and sacrifice. Once you read you can't stop reading.
I strongly recommend children and teens aged between 10 and 16 to read this novel.

By Mandela V. of Year 7c4

Angela Anaconda:the secret life of teachers

by Joanna Ferrone and Sue Rose

This Book is exactly what its title states. It gives you an idea of what your teachers do in their spare time, when they are not in school and when they are not boring you with boring information. Get on the adventure with Angela Anaconda, in the hilarious pursuit of truth, when she sneakily spies on the activities of the teachers at Tapwater Springs ……………………..And You will be in for a big surprise!

By Abanoub M. and Gary A. of Year 7