Monday, June 29, 2009

Witches abroad

By Terry Pratchett

Witches abroad is about a girl who’s a servant and she can’t marry a prince. There are three witches, Nanny Ogg, Granny Weatherwax and Margrat Garrlick. The servant girl needs to find a man to share her life with but she can’t marry a prince which makes life difficult for her. This is just a small part of the story.

I highly recommend this book for children from the age of 12 to 15. Its filled with love and adventure.

Alexander D. of Year 9.

Class A

by Robert Muchamore

Class A is the second book in the CHERUB series. The book is about the a bunch of kids aged 11 to 17 who work with the British intelligence, under cover to catch criminals. James Adams, the main character goes undercover selling drugs to others. Keith Moore is suspected for selling cocaine. The police have been trying to catch him more than twenty years. James’ mission is to befriend Keith’s son but the mission nearly kills one of the CHERUB agents. Will James survive and prevail over Keith or will Keith prevail over James? Read class A and find out.
I give this book 8 out of 10
Dominic C. of Year 8.

Monday, June 22, 2009


By Cynthia Rylant

This story is about a man named Tony who is growing up in Pittsburgh. He is living in parent’s house. His dad is a war hero and his mum doesn’t work. He is fascinated about war because his dad went to war; so he loves it.

When Tony finds out that his best mate John is applying for the army he is keen too. they start training but just days before they go to war Tony falls out of a bus and hurts his spine. Because of the injury that resulted he was unable to go off to war.

When he is in the medical hut he meets a girl named Ginnie and they start going on dates until Tony finds out that his best mate John has died during war. Tony becomes very sad and he has to tell John’s parents. They were very upset and depressed.

Tony and Ginnie keep on going out on dates for a couple of months eventually getting married and living happily ever after.

Reviewed By Nathan S. of Year 9

Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Angels and Demons

by Dan Brown.
Angels and Demons revolves around a massive Research Lab called CERN in Geneva.
The trouble starts when they are developing an opposite of matter, which is Antimatter and it gets stolen. The Swiss Guard discover that their wireless camera number 86 has been stolen. It still projects an image that shows a droplet of antimatter. Then they call a Harvard professor named Robert Langdon and a CERN Scientist called Vittoria Vetra.The story takes Vittoria and Robert on a Rollercoaster Ride through Rome in the search of the Antimatter.

Reviewed By Dhrupad P. of year 7.


Written by Ian Irvine

Tetrarch is the second in a four book series known as “The well of echoes” created by famous author Ian Irvine. It is the story of Xervish Flydd; a disgraced Scrutator, Tiaan; A wrongly accused artisan formerly owned by her indenture to a war machine factory. Also a protagonist in this story is Cryll-Nish Hlar and Irisis Sturm, who also worked in the factory and are now on the run from the law.
The story follows these separate people’s story as they live out their life trying to defeat the war against an invading race known as the Lyrinx; huge humanoid creatures with bird-like features. The war has been going on for over two hundred years and the story follows the footsteps of these people in their bid to defeat the invading aliens.
Tiaan is an artisan working off her indenture to get back her freedom. She was born in a breeding factory and longs to find out her true identity. She is wrongly accused of insanity after being tricked into drinking poison and is now on the run from the law. Xervish Flydd is a disgraced scrutator who is trying to recover his honour. He is something along the lines of a war minister and currently, was he not disgraced, carries the second highest rank that is available in this time. He, as well as Tiaan and Irisis hold a trace of the art, a magical force that is manipulated from the forces of nature.
Irisis Sturm like Tiaan is an artisan working off her indenture, although slightly Tiaan’s junior she believes she will rise above Tiaan’s rank as master artisan and become “Crafter”. She holds little of the art and is now worried if she has completely lost her ability to control crystals and bend them to her will. Her partner in crime is the son of a man who holds the most powerful position in the time. Nish as he is more commonly known as is a very low rank in the chain belonging to the Artificer branch. He is also an undercover spy more commonly known as a “Prober” along with another man that flies under everyone’s radar including Nish’s and even the Overseer himself.
This book is the second in a line of books called “The well of echoes’. It is followed by “Scrutator” which will follow into more detail of the former scrutators life and “Chimera” which ends the series and brings forth another horror that has been directed created from the destruction of the secret art. This series is also followed by another series known as “The song of the tears’ which will follow entirely Nish’s life as he struggles to fight the world.
Reviewed By Cain D. of Year 9.

Kingdom hearts

by Shiro Amano

Kingdom hearts is a manga style book. It is about a 3 children (Sora, Riku, Kairi) living on an island who want to build a raft to go to other countries (or worlds as they call it). They got the idea from the time the third child (Kairi) got washed up ashore after the raft was destroyed. One of the boys disappeared and gave in to the dark side of his heart and the girl went inside kingdom hearts.
The boy (Sora) finds himself on a part of his island with a giant heartless and a key, known as the key blade. After it is defeated he finds himself in a town called Traverse – a town for those whose world has been devoured by darkness. There he meets Cid, Leon, Yuffie, Aerith and his team mates Donald and Goofy who were found during a battle with the heartless. They say they were searching for their king and will help him find his 2 friends Riku and Kairi. They set off for a new world called Wonderland where they find evidence to prove that the heartless want the Queen of heart’s heart.

After a fight with cards Alice goes missing and Sora, Donald and Goofy leave to go back to Traverse and be taught about the keyhole that was sealed in Wonderland. Leon finds Riku, who turns out to secretly be working for the creator of the heartless. Sora gets a secret block installed on his ship. What world will Sora travel to next? This was a magnificent manga filled with final fantasy and Disney characters and I give it a 10/10

reviewed by Aaron S. of year 7

Wednesday, June 10, 2009


By Masashi Kishimoto

Naruto and his friends battle other people in a tournament with crazy names that I can’t pronounce. Really Naruto is training to become the fourth Hokage so he can be remembered on the massive rock. In the first, second and third books he wants to be the fourth one the massive rock.

The strange thing is that they can run really fast, getting anywhere in seconds.

reviewed by Nicholas C. of Year 7.