Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Red Dragon

Written by Thomas Harris.
Reviewed by Hayden C.
Red dragon is the first book on Hannibal Lecter. It is a gruesome tale of a psychotic doctor named Hannibal Lecter. It is an exciting crime story that has a great story line. Throughout the book it has some gruesome paragraphs that if you close your eyes you can picture everything in the murder. It is a very gory book. The story isn’t just about the murders it’s also the mystery in the first few chapters of the book on working out who did what.
There are other books in the series that are very, very, very good to read. They are: Silence Of The Lambs
Hannibal The Rising
Every one of the books are movies you should read the books before you watch the movies.

Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Cry of the Icemark

By Stuart Hill

Reviewed by James B. of year 8

The Cry of the Icemark is a really good book for people who like fantasy books and thrillers. This book is about a lot of things like how a teenage girl finds allies to help her defend her country of Icemark using vampires, werewolves and giant snow leopards.

This is a wonderful book and is very adventurous and is good reading for everyone who likes to let their imagination run free. Read this book and you will know what I mean.

I would give this book an 8 out of 10 rating.


by Duncan Ball

Reviewed by Siddharth B. of Year 7

Selby, the only talking dog in Australia, and perhaps the world, is back. Selby Scrambled is the 12th book of the Selby series and one of the best. In this exciting book Selby is in on the action again as he scales the glass walls of the world’s tallest skyscraper, saves a shipload of passengers from certain death, defeats an Evil Genius who is out to tell Selby’s secret, becomes a star radio shock jock, and takes on the world’s top soccer star at his own game? And just when Selby thinks he is free, along comes the greatest challenge- Frank, the robot monster.

How does Selby cope with all these obstacles? To find out you must read the book.

I rate this book 8.5/10.

Tuesday, October 23, 2007

Golem's Eye

by Jonathan Stroud

Reviewed by Peter B. of Year 8

The golem’s eye is a thrilling novel that will put you into the heads of all the characters. Go with Nathaniel as he hunts the mysterious Resistance. Adventure with Bartimaeus, Sakhr al-Jinni, N’gorso the Mighty or the Serpent of the Silver Plumes whichever name calls his fancy at the time, as he hunts down the thing that is destroying London. Venture with Kitty as she faces her past and hopes for a better future in the Resistance.
This masterpiece, with its detail shall put you in Piccadilly at the death of Simpkin the foliot or in Prague in 1868 A.D at a great war, or at the stationary shop in downtown London which serves as a base for the Resistance. This is a second spell binding book in a not-to-be-missed series and I hope you enjoy it.

Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban

by J.K.Rowling

Reviewed by Manpreet S.

Harry Potter and the prisoner of Azkaban is a great book to read especially if you like magic, adventure and scary books. Harry starts his third year at Hogwarts. Harry couldn’t wait to get back to this school because it was better than living with the Dursleys. But when he gets to Hogwarts everybody is tense because a murderer is on the loose in the name of Sirius Black. Dementors have guarded the school. When Harry gets close to one he gets into a coma and feels cold and sad all over the place.

At the end of the book Harry finds out a great mysterious secret. Read this book and find out.

Captain Underpants and the Attack of the Talking Toilets

by David Pilkey

Reviewed by Alex S. of Year 8

On their way to school Harry and George see a sign outside of their school saying "2nd Annual Invention Convention - 1st prize 1 day as the school principal". But then they get denied the chance to enter and get stuck in the study hall for the whole day.

The night before the convention Harry and George go backstage where all the inventions are held and meet another student named Malvern. Harry and George then start to destroy all the inventions except Malvern's who promises not to tell anyone.

Harry aks Malvern what his invention does. Malvern tells him it is the pasty 2000 and it turns 1D objects into live things.

The next day the convention was a disaster and Malvern dobs Harry and George in.
Harry and George both get an after school detention and were told not to leave the room or they would get suspended. They leave the room and copy their comic book they made and the pasty 2000 invention turns all the things they drew to life.

The talking toilets eat up all the teachers and then Captain Underpants, the hero of the comic, saves the day feeding the talking toilets cafeteria food so the toilets would throw up all the teachers. Once again Captain Underpants saves the day.

This book is good for all readers that like a bit of comedy and action. I rate this book 8/10.

Rock Star

by Felice Arena

Reviewed by James M. & Chris P.

This book is about two boys that learn how to play instruments and decide to create a band and the band was going to be called The Nits.

If it wasn’t for nits they would have never been best friends because they had nits and they went to school and suddenly met and found out they both had nits.

Their mothers didn't think it was a good idea to start a band but they still went ahead with their idea. They started to damage property around their houses - thinking they were real rock stars.

Finally their mums decided to throw their band gear away and they were punished. Their punishment was not to see each other for a week but they still decided to start up their band again.