Monday, June 30, 2008

Hell boy and the wake of the devil

By Mike Mignola

This comic is great. If you have seen the movie you will like every comic of hell boy. It opens your eyes to a comic full of aggression, action, terror and mysterious creatures. It is not the type of book that you will have to read for days so it is a comic that is never boring. And also this comic tells you how hell boy came along before he was in the movies. I hope you enjoyed my review.

Reviewed by: Josh H of Year 7.

Nukkin Ya

By Phillip Gwynne.

‘Nukkin Ya’ is the second book in a sequel consisting of 2 books. The main ‘idea’ of the story is about a game called Australian Rules better known as the A.F.L and an indigenous boy ‘Blacky’ who loves to play it. As ‘Blacky’ is the best player in his team he is thinking that he will be receiving an award for being ‘best and fairest’ of the year but it doesn’t go as expected and is rewarded to a non indigenous boy. This book is an excellent read for someone interested in A.F.L and who likes controversy. My rating of this book is 9/10.

By Ricardo.C of Year 7.

The Chain

by Keith Gray.

“The Chain” is a fictional book. This book is made up of four links. Each link tells a story about a character in the book. Each link in this book has a moral and a lesson about life. The link of the book is a book that the first character stole. Each character in the other link finds it and uses it or does something with it. A great book to read.
Rating: 8/10
By Dylan R. Year 7

Wednesday, June 25, 2008


By: J.K. Rowling
This is the fourth book in the breathtaking Harry Potter series. Harry Potter will be soon starting his fourth year at Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry. Harry is counting the days till he has to leave Privet Drive and enter the magical world to watch the Quidditch World Cup. But Harry and his two best friends Ron and Hermione have to be careful- their arch enemies lurking everywhere.
Rating: 10/10

Reviewed by: Sid B. of Year 8

Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Star Wars Revenge Of The Sith.

By Mathew Stover.
This book is the best book ever. This book is about the epic battles of the clone wars, the fall of the Jedi and the unmasking of the sith lord. This story is a lot like the movie but with more action. It talks about all the main characters and the book is done by Mathew Stover, one of the real authors of star wars. There is only one problem with the book it isn’t long enough.
The story starts with the battle above Coruscant and Obi-Wan’s hate for flying. The story goes on like the movie and it explains the parts of the movie that not many understand. Like Addi Mundie (a Jedi) looks back for a reason not because he is going to be killed but for another.
This book is for all star wars fans! There are other books done by Mathew Stover like Death Star, Iron Dawn, Jericho Moon, Heroes Die, Star Wars shatter point and many more!!
By Hayden C. 9B6


By: J.K. Rowling
This is the third book in the unbelievable Harry Potter series. Harry Potter is about to start his third year at Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry. Harry can’t wait to go to school (and get away from the Dursleys) to meet his best friends Ron and Hermione. But when Harry gets to Hogwarts, the atmosphere is tense. There’s an escaped murderer on the loose, and the horrible Azkaban guards have been called in to catch the murderer whatever it takes. A fantastic new story by the fantastic J.K. Rowling.
Rating: 9.5/10
Reviewed by: Sid B. of Year 8


By: J.K. Rowling
This is the second book in the legendary Harry Potter series and one of the best. Harry Potter has not heard from his friends all of the holidays, until a house-elf visits him and tells him not to go back to Hogwarts as terrible things are going to happen. Harry finds out he can speak another language, discovers the truth of Hagrid’s past and unlocks the mystery of the Chamber of Secrets. Another great book in the Harry Potter series.
Rating: 10/10

Reviewed by: Sid B. of Year 8


Harry Potter thinks he is an ordinary boy with an ordinary scar on his forehead and a family that loathes him – until he is rescued by a giant of a man, finds out he is a wizard, enrols at Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry, learns to play Quidditch and meets the person who is responsible for Harry living with the Dursleys.
A fun, enthralling book for anyone who loves adventure, action and of course MAGIC.
Rating: 8/10

By: J.K. RowlingReviewed by: Sid B. of Year 8

Monday, June 16, 2008

The Hammer of Eden by Ken Follett

This recent addition to our library appeals to the geography teacher in me as it focuses on the San Andreas fault line in California. Using the threat of inducing earthquakes, terrorists with environmental motives attempt to influence government policy and the plot is both feasible and engrossing. Told from the perspective of both the agitators and the FBI this is a good yarn so grab it for the holidays.
Mr Kim C.

Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Jasper Zammit #2

By: Deborah Abela and Johnny Warren

This is the second book of the Jasper Zammit series. There’s a new kid at Jasper’s school. Aamir can’t speak English and has been through a lot of torture in his life, but Aamir knows a few tricks on the soccer field, and Coach Wallace invites him to join the Rovers. The problem is Eastville Kings player Badger Mackenzie can’t resist doing what he does best- badgering his opponent to put them off their game. This time his target is Aamir. Someone will receive a red card- but who will it be? And will it affect the Rovers’ dream of playing in the finals? Read to find out more.

Rating: 9/10

Reviewed by Sid B. of Year 8

Jasper Zammit #3


By: Deborah Abela and Johnny Warren

The third and final book in the Jasper Zammit series. The finals are a few weeks away. Coach Wallace has to go overseas, but he leaves the Rovers in the hands of a new coach who is keen and knows his soccer. But winning is all he cares about and does EVERYTHING possible to accomplish that task. When Lil’s brother, Vince, arrives home from playing for the state team, he helps the Rovers devise a plan to get them back on track. Will he be able to save the team from falling apart? Time is running out and he’s their only hope. Read and find out what happens to the Rovers and if they win the finals.

Rating: 10/10

Reviewed by Sid B. of Year 8

Wednesday, June 04, 2008


Jasper Zammit #1 is about an 11 year old boy who fantasises about World Cup victories and magical goals for his country. Jasper plays for the Rovers Under -11 side and has scored some amazing goals. When a new girl, Lil, joins the team, Jasper thinks he’s found someone as obsessed with soccer as he is. But there’s one problem- Lil’s dad is the reason Jasper’s dad has lost his job. Can the two still be friends? Read and find out.

This book is not only good for soccer lovers but good for people who enjoy books that pack a good laugh.

Rating: 10/10

reviewed by Sid B. and Gerard D. of Year 8

Runaways Vol 2. - Teenage Wasteland


This comic book series is the best series that I have read in ages. It has love, romance, drama and best of all action. The story is about young teenagers who find out that their parents are evil mutants, along with all that they're developing the mutant abilities. Some of the mutant abilities are super strength, alien powers that regenerate with the sun.

For people who love comics I would definitely read this book for the thrill of having fun while reading!!!!!

Reviewed by Brad Y. of Year 8