Tuesday, April 29, 2008

The Book of Firsts by Ian Harrison

We know the popularity of the Guiness Book of Records so this addition will be much sought after. I grabbed it as a resource for a recent staff Trivia Night and have found it an amazing collection of history, facts and trivia. The book is really reader-friendly with lots of illustrations, time-lines and brief descriptions covering chapters as diverse as food, transport, law and order, sport and technology.
Very highly recommended for history or trivia buffs.
Mr Kim C.

Point Blanc THE GRAPHIC NOVEL by Anthony Horowitz

An ACTION PACKED novel that you’ll never forget, a novel leading into a different path, Point Blanc THE GRAPHIC NOVEL by Anthony Horowitz . This time the 14 year old teenage superspy is in bigger trouble, but the M16 have better plans for the brave, talented and most daring Alex Rider. As you have noticed the many places that the young teenager has visited. Well in this novel, (more like a comic really) the M16 have prepared Alex a trip to the Alps. While armed with only a false ID and a set of disguised gadgets installed for him, he takes a ride of his life as a mission to infiltrate the Point Blanc academy. But how can he accomplish his task when the enemy is undertaking him? Can he be clever enough to escape or will he get swamped by the enemy. It all leads up to one thing CAN HE DO IT BEFORE ITS TOOO LATE ?.
By Chethan P