Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Amulet, the Stone Keepers Curse

By Kazu Kabishi
The Stone keepers curse is the second instalment of a 3 book series. The book was very interesting because of the elements of fantasy. This book includes many fascinating creatures. It has an almost dingo dog creature which accompanies the stone keeper on her journey. This creature will also be the one which helps the stone keeper control her powers .The stone comes with all different abilities but the most used one is an ability to get rid of enemies and survive.
The curse that comes with the Amulet stone is that if you use the stone too much it will gain power over you and send you mental. When this stone takes over your body you become basically a slave to it, using your body to work its own magic. Luckily in the story this crisis was averted and they used the stone for them and not against them. In the end good rose over evil and the stone keeper along with the moving house earned the reward they wanted.
By Richard B. c15 yr 7

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