Tuesday, March 15, 2011

There is money in Toilets!!

By Robert Greenberg
Haaaaa….. I was laughing like mad when I was reading the beginning of the story…..
“Fire in the hole!!” is what it started with “I felt cold while death was only seconds away. My friend and me in a hole a hundred miles deep and a bomb coming our way….” This is how the story started but…. later…...after a huge amount of time….. it ended like this…. “ok, I admit it… I lied to you (it says this in the story!) my friend wasn’t actually saying “fire in the hole” he was actually saying something very different!” But I wasn’t lying about the dying …you’ll be in the edge of life and death. Well that’s it about the funny start. But the story is about two boys searching for treasure in their school’s yard because it was built on an ancient dump.
Review by: Amogh G. Year 8