Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Scott Pilgrim’s precious little life

by Bryan Lee O’Malley Scott Pilgrim is at a pretty good stage of his life - he’s in a rock band, dating a high school girl and shares an apartment with his roommate Wallace. Everything is great until one day when he goes to the library with his girlfriend and he sees a delivery girl. This girl starts getting into his dreams until he finally meets her at a party and finds out her name, Ramona Flowers. The next day he goes to and buys something cool but cheap (to impress Ramona the delivery girl). When she delivers the package Scott is so happy that he doesn’t want her to leave so he doesn’t sign it and persuades her to go on a date with him. Things take a turn for the worse as he finds that he has to fight her seven evil ex boyfriends. The question is can Scott find true happiness with Ramona or will he get defeated by the bad guys?

reviewed by Shayne G. of year 9

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