Wednesday, May 13, 2009

The Detachable boy

by Scot Gardner

This book is about a young boy named John Johnson. He is a boy who can literally detach all of his limbs apart from head to toes. He is a unique boy who can do anything with his body and a very interesting pal to his two friends.

Ravi is one of John’s friends. Ravi is really smart and can solve many difficult problems that John is going to face. John’s other friend is Crystal. She is a slim, tall, beautiful young girl who is a special friend to John and loves to eat. Crystal happened to be kidnapped by a really unusual stranger, who has more limbs on his body than anyone could imagine. John and Ravi do their best to find a way to sneak away from home and save Crystal from the kidnapper’s clutches.

I really enjoyed this novel, because the story is very adventurous and full of hidden mysteries that are funny and really interesting to read about.

reviewed by Joseph C. of Year 10.