Sunday, September 17, 2006

The Story of Tom Brennan

by J. C. Burke

2006 Winner CBCA Award - Older readers

Tom Brennan is 17 and was the hero of the rugby team at his school before the accident. Now he is repeating Year 11 in a new town, having to face his old team on the field, and coping badly with visiting his brother in gaol and his cousin in hospital.

In a small community the waves that reverberate from a fatal crash caused by one of their own seem to go on forever. What of the family of the drunken driver? In this story they find that leaving town is the only way out. Even then each must come to terms in their own way.

This is a powerfully told story with all the more impact because any one of us might one day be in the situation that faces the Brennans. You can’t go back and as Tom finds, you can’t just forget. The only way is forward.

The relationship between Tom and his brother Daniel is very important in Burke's book. Their cousin, Fin, was also like a brother to them, and their mother's brother was close to Daniel and helped Tom come to terms with circumstances.

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